Discover Apps to Watch Football Online on Mobile

If you want to know about the free football streaming apps for iPhone and Android, then this article is all you need. Now, you have a comprehensive list of amazing tools along with their distinct features to decide which one you’d love to use.


ESPN is the standalone sports streaming app for nearly all of the major sporting channels in the world. The company owns broadcasting rights to many programs, so you will receive thousands of live events when you purchase your ESPN subscription.

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The app’s interface is streamlined and user-friendly, so even if you are the most technophobic person on the planet, you’ll find that streaming your favorite sports networks through ESPN is a breeze.

Playing sports is a great way to keep fit, and watching sport is a fun way to get your kids interested in different options. But you need to make sure you know how to create a healthy relationship between your children and technology.

Now TV

This app, like the previous one, is based on subscriptions and is an internet TV service for the UK, Italy, and Ireland. Sky plc. owns the app, meaning that it has access to all of the live sports, TV channels, and programming that is offered by Sky Network.

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Now TV is a paid service, but you can take advantage of the two-week free trial to determine whether or not this app is for you. You’ll be able to access up to 10 sporting channels, which is generally more than enough to find any football content your heart desires.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is an over-the-top content streaming service that is based on subscriptions and is available in the US. It includes many popular TV channels, like CBS, ABC, NBC, and more. The service provides you with Cloud DVR, but without any of the storage limits that come with DVR.

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The app provides you with over 60 channels that can be viewed in the United States, and you are able to stream the channels directly through your phone, or through an Apple TV, without the need for a cable network.

You’ll be able to access the best content provided in the US through the app.

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